In sports who is the greatest of alltime?

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In sports who is the greatest of alltime? Empty In sports who is the greatest of alltime?

Post by alc on Sat 6 Oct 2012 - 2:33

We all have been looking at sports since we were young or with our dad's or own our own and we hold a very high opinion on who we consider the greatest of all time. So for those that vist the forum like your thoughts on who you consider to be greatest in sports that you have seen.
Basketball Michael Jordan 6 championships and 6 finals Mvp
Football Walter Peyton 1 championship and the greatest runner on snow all time
Baseball Reggie Jackson and Hank Aaron Mr october and All time homerun king
Hockey Bobby Hall the golden jet style and class on the ice ring
Tennis Serena Williams Pure beauty and just a divine will to compete and win
Boxing Suga Ray Leonard Smooth and quick and slick with his boxing ablity heart of a champion
These are my greatest of alltime in their own sports what is yours peace ALC Cool Cool


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