NBA Live again has been put on hold.

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NBA Live again has been put on hold.

Post by alc on Sat 6 Oct 2012 - 2:18

This word has came down on many sports gammer forums. That the long awaited arrival of NBA Live game will be put on hold once again. It just seem that the producers of the live game have back themselves into a corner and didnt have much time to deliver. NBA2k has tooken the mantle from live in the early 90's live was the game. Most of us remember playing it. But once NBA 2K took on live the battle lines were drawn. As time begin to march on 2K begin to out due live and live begin to fall back in the pack. Now the real players stick with 2K and live cant even get the scraps. It a shame that you cant have 2 NBA games but with live trying to out due 2K you might be waiting on that for a very long time. Peace ALC Cool Cool


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