Top 10 RBs

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Top 10 RBs

Post by coolkenny180 on Sun 19 Jul 2009 - 12:39

Top 10 RBs according to ESPN.
I-Injury Risk

1. Adrian Peterson-MIN
2. Michael Turner-ATL
3. Maurice Jones-Drew -JAX=R
4. Matt Forte-CHI=R
5. Steven Jackson-STL=I
6. Chris Johnson-TEN=R
7. LT-SD=F
8. DeAngelo Williams-CAR
9. Brian Westbrooke-PHI=I
10. Frank Gore-SF
Next in line-Brandon Jacobs-NYG=I, and Steve Slaton-Hou.

Hot Seat-Larry Johnson-KC,Tim Hightower-ARI.
Breakout season- Darren McFadden-OAK,Derrick Ward-TB
Comeback- J. Addai-IND,R. Grant-GB
Last Chance- J. Fagus-OAK,M. Morris-DET
Make or break- L. White-TEN, L. Betts-WAS
Best Additions- F. Taylor-NE, Ward-TB
Best Rookies- K.Moreno-DEN, C.Wells-ARI
Best Parters- LT and D.Sprolles-SD,A.Peterson and Taylor-MIN
Best Trio- Brown,Cobbs,and Williams-MIA; Barber,Choice,and Jones-DAL.

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