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What do you miss ? Empty What do you miss ?

Post by alc on Sun 19 Aug 2012 - 22:18

Here a question what do you miss that you wouldnt mind if it could happen again. I wouldnt mind the battle between nextgen and oldgen. That use to be all across all madden forums and sites. Nextgen talking about there game and oldgen letting them no that there game was trash. The battles that came across was priceless you had deep opinions that ran deep. You had guys on both side of the platform that really stood for there believes. Also i think it help out the gamming community at that time. You still had strong ps2 users and yet you had xbox and ps3 user that enjoy the game and battles that came about. This is something that i miss what about you what do you miss.
Also what i do miss a lot is the old home video game battles that use to happen back in the day. Games such as nba live and nba jam and street fighter and mortal combat along with wrestling games that were out at that time. The battles between friends and dad and sons and just having those moments that cant be repete again. What do you miss as well why not take a trip down memory lane and see what you come up with. Peace ALC Cool Cool Cool


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