What is your most statisfying victory on nextgen and heartfelt defeat on nextgen.

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What is your most statisfying victory on nextgen and heartfelt defeat on nextgen.

Post by alc on Sat 18 Aug 2012 - 1:44

This post goes out to the guys like myself that use to be apart of the oldgen system. Once it was evident that we all would have to make the change to nextgen. So with that change from ps2 to either xbox 360 or ps3. What was your most statisfying victory that you have had on nextgen system.
Mine was my first victory that i had on the system. Seem that i couldnt catch a break loses kept piling up. Then fellow madden heroes member bookert316 we play a unrank game and he seem to tear my defense up. I made adjustment and came back and won the game. Bookert316 messages me good game and i begin to feel that i belong on this stage. 2nd victory that i had was against a dude in a league that i was in. We had play before and the game was fairly decent. But he won this time in this league you had to provide personnel information such as your telephone number. The guy was blowing my phone up plus he told the commish that i didnt seem ready to play. We play and i jump on him 21-0 before the begin of the second quarter. Then i score 2 touchdown in the 3 quarter to put an end to this game. Final score 38 to 14
What statisfy me the most is the guy took 3 day to come back to the forum and even then he crept back in and begining talking about C.O.D not talking about the game in which he had play me. Case close job well done.
My heartfelt lose came in the league superbowl i had got on a hot streak and made it into the playoff and had defeat the guy who thought he was going to be the league champion. Then the guy that i had beat in the divisional round. Got a second chance due to the commish granting him 1 so i had to play him in the superbowl. Up 21 to 7 my 46 defense begin to fade and momentum change and i lost the game. 27 to 21. Anyway didnt mean to go on a long rant but lets here your victorys and defeats peace ALC Cool Cool Cool


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