Gamming market seem to have slump is there a answer?

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Gamming market seem to have slump is there a answer?

Post by alc on Fri 17 Aug 2012 - 2:30

This article has came out twice on yahoo .com that video games sales are slumping. It seem that most experts are saying that maybe the market has hit a lull. With out a new gamming console on the horizion that the market for games has come to a slow crawl. Multi player games tend to sit on the store shelfs and that market which was to take the gamming market to the next level has all but disappear. Plus it seem that the games that sell just seem to recycle there engine and continue the series. Such as Madden call of duty halo and grand theft auto and orthers. Even at the E3 showing it seem that gamemarkers are kinda in a wait and see mode to decide if they will put out a good product or wait for the highest bidder to do games for. Will this trend continue with cost of games still pretty high and the recession still around the market is in dye need of a splash. There is talk of another playstation system 2 to 3 years down the road. Plus with just about every one having a xbox it maybe time for them to do something new as well too. Even gamestop has comment that they dont have the walk up business that they use to. The big games does draw rather well but there are times that they seem to run cold. Is there an answer to this problem only time will tell peace ALC Cool Cool


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