Down to the very last.

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Down to the very last. Empty Down to the very last.

Post by alc on Thu 10 Feb 2011 - 3:41

It is something how now you can count the number of members that still come by and vist thie site and forum. Like 1-2-3 not so long ago when it was first annouce that madden 11 wouldnt be online seem you had members saying they will still be here.
Well what happen as time goes it seem that members either stop comming or decide not to return. Then we continue to get new names but really not real members and again the cycle start all over again. Guys getting off even before they even started and orthers begin to join them as well. With madden 11 being kill and online feature and gamming kill it completely destroy what was left of the ps2 gammer and nation.
Not to continue to go down this road but madden heroes died a slow death long time ago. Due to the fact that it didnt prepare for the change over to nextgen. Thus it became left behind and when it need it members to show their loyalty they left and left the site and forum holding the bag. Inclosing the heroes was a good ideal and site and jrock ran the site well the sad thing is that he didnt get the coroperation that he need to make this venture great one. Peace ALC P.S proably this never gets read by anyone king


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Down to the very last. Empty Re: Down to the very last.

Post by xXxWHOxxxDAT on Thu 10 Feb 2011 - 14:30

I read but i feel that madden is nothing ne more. its way to boring and full of bs. its apparently all about cod and nba2k now (o and killzone =)) even MaddenNation has died a long temporarily still going process to where its appartly done until things chance with madden. so heres the thing, move on

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