Has this ever happen to you?

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Has this ever happen to you?

Post by alc on Sat 22 Jan 2011 - 2:16

Went online and play a game yesterday i play with the chargers and my opponet play with the redskins. The game went back and forth between the 2 of us and on his last drive my opponet decide to waste time and let the clock run down on each and every play.
So he score with like 30 seconds and kicks me the ball and by faith my man darrell sproles returns the ball for a touchdown to tie up the game. So we go into overtime he gets the ball first and on 3 downs his offense is stop and he short kicks it to me.
Then i go down the field from the 50 yard line and proceed to make plays to keep the drive alive and then i get ready to kick the game winning field goal and my opponet decide to pull the plug on the game and disconnect. Then i score a touchdown from the 3 yard line and end the game.
So i thought when i go to see if i got the win from this game surprize the person who i play did a major number on me and it like the game wasnt play at all. I go back and check 3 times that day and nothing never changes again the person that did this got away scott clean.
My question is after playing for that amount of time shouldnt this game had went into the books. But instead we had someone who couldnt handle losing and that seem to be the fact and even thourgh you have erase that from the record you still know that someone was better than you. So i ask has that or anything else ever happen to you like this. Peace ALC king


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