Been away for a while...

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Been away for a while... Empty Been away for a while...

Post by JROCK275 on Fri 14 Jan 2011 - 18:55

Greetings to all!
I've been away for a while (things have come up - thats out the way now). I wanna apologize for not being around (I had my logins "que'd" - a set time for account to log in ,and log out), and for not informing the congregation of my situation. I haven't forgotten about MH or anyone here, haven't gaven up on MH, etc etc. Also, i've been promoting MH. I've recently started using a blogging site (Tumblr), and I find it easy to promote using Tumblr because you can reach hundreds and thousands of people.

Activity here (and madden boards in general) have been down this year, but no need to stop with trying to bring life to MH.

I again apologize to all for my absence...
But how has everyone been? How is everything?


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Been away for a while... Empty Re: Been away for a while...

Post by alc on Sat 15 Jan 2011 - 7:30

Dont mean to bring negativity in to this one but jrock you have been gone way to long. Things have change and not for the better. The forum is nothing more than a past thourgh no posts no talk and no ideals are being ran thourgh here or share by the remaining members that are still here on madden heroes.
It seem that when you left that orthers begin to follow and by the forum remaing the same day in and day out weeks and then months at a time. The forum board never change and members became dis interested in madden and madden heroes brand and forum.
There isnt anything now that can be done to help out the site most guys have either upgrade or plan on doing so and the days of playing online are about to come to an end. Maybe you and booker can join forces and change the site over to nextgen and some of your members will join you in that venue.
Anyway best of luck that my 2 cents worth ALC king


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